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Salvos on Facebook
Salvos sales on Facebook

Salvos sales on Facebook


Have you ever wondered why certain things are on sale at an op-shop? Or why op-shops even have sales?

I contacted the Salvos to find out a little bit more about what goes on behind the scenes. I thought it would be interesting to find out what happens to clothes once they get donated.

The Salvos Stores clothing stock is based on a four week cycle. When they are priced, clothing items are tagged with either an orange, yellow, blue or purple tag.

The items are sold at full price for three weeks. An item is reduced to half price once it has been on the floor for four weeks. (Don’t be thinking you can wait for something to be marked down though – in op-shopping all’s fair in love and war. Sometimes I feel like I’m at a Myer sale in an op-shop! In all likelihood, if you don’t buy it, some one else will.)

If a piece of clothing doesn’t sell, it is transferred to another store or sold to a rag recycler. I think this is a great idea – it means stock is continually rotated and customers are constantly seeing new things.

There are plenty of other opportunities to buy things a bit cheaper at the Salvos though. A savvy op-shopper could follow them on Twitter or Facebook, for example, for daily updates on what colour tag is going to be half-price.


Salvos on Twitter

Salvos on Twitter


The Salvos also have regular days where pensioners, students and health-care card holders get discounts.

But, added at the bottom of my helpful email: This offer does not apply to anything with a Salvos Stores Collection tag on it (special or designer items). However there is still plenty of great brands and items with coloured tags. (Sorry, no, that Prada bag has not been marked down to $5.)


Salvos on Facebook

Salvos on Facebook


I have to say I love the way Salvos has embraced social networking. For anyone not in the know, if you check into the Salvos store you’re at on Facebook and show it at the counter, you will receive a 20 per cent discount off your purchase. I think these types of initiatives are really paving the way for other op-shops. It’s great to see the company embracing new trends – grabbing the bull by the horns!
Good on you Salvos!
And a big thanks to the lovely lady who replied to my query.
Please note: in the interest of this article, I also emailed Vinnies for any info they might care to share, but they said they ‘do not provide operational information about the likes of ticketing & pricing to the public’. Also, for some reason I can’t get the last few paras to separate for more white space. Apologies, as I like my paragraphs to be broken up more.


  1. Great information here for those who love a bargain and also like to recycle.


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