There’s a spider in the bag

I had an interesting experience with a hand bag I bought recently. After a bout of op-shopping along Chapel Street, I spotted a Balenciaga bag in the Salvos store.

I couldn’t quite determine if it was real in the store, but my gut feeling told me it was so I decided to buy it. (Please note, at this point I had already stuck my hand inside the bag several times.)

Further research at home showed me that the bag was authentic, and is known as a Balenciaga perforated Hook tote. It was a bit battered (or “well-loved” as the luxe seconds websites like to call it), but nothing a good polish couldn’t fix.


Balenciaga Hook tote


Balenciaga logo


So I sat down and I polished the bag. And the next thing I knew, a large spider was suddenly crawling across the table!

“Did that just… crawl out of the bag?” I asked Beau disbelievingly.




“Uh-huh,” he said. “It came from the op-shop – didn’t you check it before sticking your hand in there??”

No readers, I did not. I know second hand things often come with interesting stories, but to me this says “sitting in some one’s wardrobe for a loooong time”. A closer inspection revealed one corner inside the bag was covered with cobwebs.

And so the moral of my story is, always ALWAYS check a second hand bag before sticking your hand in it – whether it’s designer or not!

On that note, I’ll leave you with a childhood favourite…