Op-shop check list


Stop before you buy that jacket/dress/shirt! Have you checked it over thoroughly?

There are certain things you should always check before buying clothes and accessories at op-shops.



Always beware of labels or tags marked ‘as is’. It means there is something wrong with the garment somewhere.

Check zips on everything (jeans, jackets, skirts, etc. etc.). There is nothing more disappointing then getting a great jacket home and discovering it won’t zip up!



Also check buttons! They are sneaky and like to go missing.

One of my friends mentioned checking for fluff balls on items. (Also known as fuzz balls or lint balls.) As she said, “Once a jumper has fuzz balls it’s only going to go downhill.”

Check things carefully for stains. Certain areas to focus on: the under arms on T-shirts/jackets, collars for make up and/or sweat stains, and check the front parts of all tops carefully for food stains.



Examine the edges of a hand bag carefully before buying it. I saw a Tods bag once that was in perfect condition, except for the fact that the area around the zip closure had split and been re-worked. The edges where the bag sits on the ground also can get worn or dirty.

Referring to the above point, check the stitching. A bag that has split may have a dodgy fixer-upper job.

Check the inside and outside of the bag carefully for stains. These could be anything from pen marks to an oily lip gloss that’s leaked.



Not a lot to say here except make sure all closures work properly, no beads/detailing is missing and don’t forget to CLEAN it before you wear it (just to be safe!). By this I mean with a basic sterilisation cleanser you can buy from a jeweller’s.

So, don’t forget to always check your items before you buy! I know you might only be spending a dollar, but it pays to check.




Note: Images are from Free Digital Photos.