Chapel Street Bazaar



What a collection of treasures! I love wandering into places like Chapel Street Bazaar, you never know what you may find.

For anyone who does not know what the Chapel Street Bazaar is, it’s a bit like a Mill Market or a Lost and Found store. It is one giant store, but there are lots of stall holders who display their wares there. It may not even be a stall though, some people display their things in a single cabinet.

It has more ‘speciality’ stalls than Lost and Found though. (I have noticed they both have Smurf cabinets though. If you ever feel like buying a gazillion little Smurf figurines, seriously – go to one of these markets! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, they are little blue men with white hats who used to be in a famous cartoon. Except Papa Smurf, who had a red hat.)



But moving on from Smurfs and back to speciality stores. There are plenty of vintage bags, china, comics, jewellery, figurines, cards, etc. etc. There were even plants! It does have a vintage feel, but there are plenty of genuine antiques mixed in. I’m talking things dating back to the early 1900’s.



The downside to that is, of course, the prices. I was hoping to find some bangles there, but with prices ranging from $30-50 per bangle I decided to stick with combing the op-shops.

If I did have a lot of money to burn, I’d love to spend it here. There were some truly funky clothes. One of my most laid-back friends was with me, and even she was eyeing off the sequinned dresses! And if you’re looking for a pair of Dame Edna sunnies, look no further than the Bazaar!

I reckon you could be pimped out in actual ‘beer goggles’ in no time. Because that was the hilarious part – there actually was a pair of swimming goggles shaped like beer mugs (hence my turn of phrase!).



It’s really one of those places where you have to give yourself time to explore. Just have a wander – and if you see something in a cabinet you like (most things are displayed behind glass), just ask a staff member to grab a key and they’ll get it out for you.

There isn’t a lot of big furniture, but there some nice smaller pieces available. If I had a dresser, I would probably get the chair below to sit on whilst doing my make up!



I would describe the Bazaar as the type of place you could find what you never knew you were looking for. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but I think you could wander in and find a present in five minutes for some one who has everything.



There is just so much to see and examine! (I really have to stop going to these market-type places because my yearning for a diamante hair clip keeps growing.) But it is quite large, so be prepared! I read on the Only Melbourne website that the Chapel Street Bazaar has about 70 stalls, so that gives you some indication.


If you would like to get lost in a giant treasure-trove, you can visit it at:

217 Chapel Street
Victoria 3181

It is open 7 days also, and it is incredibly close to the Windsor op-shops. I strongly recommend it if you’re going on an op-shopping outing on Chapel Street!



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