Brotherhood of St Laurence in Bentleigh

A beautiful box
A beautiful box

I found it interesting to visit Bentleigh. I’ve never visited the shopping centre on Centre Road, and was pleasantly surprised to find a number of op-shops.

The Brotherhood of St Laurence store is a large op-shop, and they have an incredibly interesting store. It kind of has two halves with a dividing wall, then a large home wares, books and children’s section down the back.

I reckon I could easily spend an hour or two here going through the store. As it was I had brief (for me) look, and looked around for about half an hour. No designer gear, unfortunately, but plenty of beautiful ornaments (the lid of the box pictured above, for example). Also plenty of books to choose from! Readers could spend an hour just in the book section.

I also thought this store had a large variety of art and crafty things. There was a lot of old sewing patterns, material, buttons etc. Could be a good store to visit if you’re into art and craft… A lot of it was still in it’s packaging too.

I also had a lovely chat to the volunteers who were on. (I’d say this is a store where if they like you, they’ll deliberately mark down the price tag.)

All in all, I really liked this store. It was a fun ‘jumbly’ type of store, but still well laid out. A good place to spend a morning or afternoon!

The Brotherhood of St Laurence store can be found at:

518 Centre Road

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